Geode-Energy is a subscription based consultancy which provides guidance in project planning, logging suites design to fill data gaps, workflow QC, facies analysis, fracture analysis, project implementation through in-house consultancy, off site consultancy, knowledge transfer, mentoring and virtual chat, providing G&G help as you need it, when you need it.

Data Analysis

Our innovative, holistic approach to geological data analysis incorporates all data acquired at the drilling, LWD, wireline, seismic, petrophysics, and production phase to build a robust facies scheme suitable for history matching. Our facies scheme and sedimentological models are tied into real subsurface case studies drawn from our vast geological experience, incorporating dual porosity models, with complex fractures or bioturbation.


Our team of experts, will review your current data acquisition and analysis the data gaps and through consultation we can design your next drilling campaign to fill these critical data voids and reduce uncertainty. We consult symbiotically with your in-house expertise, to build the best-fit geological model, utilizing all data available, from drilling, LWD, Wireline, Seismic and Production. Incorporating where necessary a dual phase porosity model where fractures are evident.


Geode-Energy differentiates itself from other consultancies by ensuring that throughout our projects that all in-house experts are mentored and a suitable knowledge transfer is implemented. Our subscription based mentoring system, provides technical reassurance off site, as it is needed when it is needed.