Welcome to Geode Energy

Geode-Energy supplies leading data analysis expertise to the upstream oil, gas, geothermal and water business. Our company now operates in diverse countries supplying geological geo data analysis services.


Geode-Energy provides industry standard subsurface reservoir characterisation, data analysis and expertise, customised to your Geological, Geophysical and Reservoir Engineering Oil, Gas, Geothermal and Water workflows.

Our Vision

Our vision is to derive critical Geological parameters from multifaceted sub subsurface data accessible through an integrated cloud-based platform, providing advice and mentoring to Oil, Gas, Geothermal and Water Reservoirs when you need it, as you need it.


Geode-Energy is staffed by highly experienced experts that have global experience, especially in North Sea, Malaysia, Burma, Philippines, Qatar, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, China and Alaska.  We specialize in Facies Analysis, Sedimentary Models, Subsurface and Outcrop Analogues in Clastic and Carbonates. As well as innovative workflows in fracture characterisation in Shale, Clastics and Basement Rocks.